Month: March 2012

Easy Photoshop Leaves Tutorial

Textures are something important to master when we work on simple designs. It helps to give more details without adding a heavier look the work.  Today following with the fur tutorial we are gonna learn how make a leave texture and apply this effect to leaves of any shape.

The most innovative Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012 Invitations

The fashion world is a very pulsating and vertiginous business. Always looking for last trend or even better being trend setters. All this energy permeates not only the clothing per se, but also all the activities around it: music, video, cinema and of course graphic design and a these invitations are a great example of innovation and …

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Special Days Vector Stickers

This is another useful sticker pack designs for special days in the year, my favorite design is the 4th of July (of course) but my favorite day is St Patricks day!, but also you can find: Saint Valentines, Christmas, Memorial Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. Enjoy! 🙂

Free Original PostCards Pack

This is a new amazing pack of postcards ready to print, the topic is around love and friendship ,all the illustration are done by me and I am very proud of them. I hope you enjoy! These postcards can be printed around Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion to express love.