Month: January 2012

Free Vector African Elements

I just love african culture, the colors and the shapes are just amazing, Africa is a continent that need help but is strong in their roots. You can find here the symbols of strength, wisdom, harmony, the universe, peace , the transformation and a lot more, every one have a powerful meaning.

Free Don't Smoke Flyer Design

This is  an original flyer design based in the concept of one of my favorite games (yeah, GTA yeah!) , as you can see is a don’t smoke flyer, all the designs about this are almost the same so I did something different but inside the standards. I hope you like it 🙂 and don’t smoke.

Free Vector Zombie Character

The bunker is full and I’m ready, if anyone can say the end is here thanks to the Maya Calendar then for me the end is here thanks to a zombie apocalypse, lol.  Here you have a vector free zombie, again Happy new Year 2012!