Month: June 2009

9 Free Sports Vector Silhouettes

I’ve never been a sport kind of guy, but I do luv vectors! In this pack we have 9 Sports Vectors from diferent athletic activities: Tennis, Gold, Football, Soccer, and Basketball, among others. As always, we hope you find them useful in your projects.

Photo Objetcs: 16 Vintage Radios

In a former post we offered 20 Vintage Cameras. This time it’s old radios! Before iPods, even before Walkmans, there were radios. However, I don’t remember the last time I listened to one (aside from in the car). Here we have 16 photos of vintage radios for your projects.

9 Horses Vector Silhouettes

9 Horse Silhouette Vector for your projects.  As you have seen, we are posting several animals vectors lately. I found them very useful in several types of projects. They are always a nice reference. This time, man’s best friend before the dog. Not beer–horses! Well hope you find them usefuls. “Hi-yo, Silver, away!”

Photo Objects: 20 Vintage Cameras

I luv flickr! you can find almost whatever you fancy there. I searched for vintage cameras and found these beauties and made .psd and .png isolated HR photo objects. I’m sure they will be helpful in you projects when you need that retro chic element.