Month: February 2009

Photography in colors: Pink

This week we’ll brighten up the Photography in Colors series with Pink. Check out the different tones and combinations for this sweet color. Pink: Mainly associated with female genres, it’s delicate and sweet. Suggests calm and tranquility, but also can indicate energy and happiness if saturated.

Photography in colors: Green

This week’s color for the photography series is green. Also take a look at the Red and Blue entries. Green: Easily associated with nature, represents the adventurous spirit. A symbol of hope, good luck, safety and balance. This positive color is also relaxing for the body.

Photography in colors: Blue

Continuing the “Photography in Colors” series, today we present you with the Blue collection. Enjoy it! Blue: Many people’s favorite color, can be used for various purposes: fashion, design, decoration, etc. It’s a pacific color, clean, formal, and is considered serious in many situations. Interpretation changes according to the kind of blue.

To be a designer: a natural talent or the result of hard work?

Before giving start to this discussion, I would like to quote something that Thomas Edison said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Taking into account his point of view, would it be possible to say that anyone could become a designer, or art director? Is it just a matter of study and …

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Social Bookmark Sketchy Icons

There are lots of free icons for social media, and, yes, also some sketchy looking ones, but I just couldn’t resist making some myself to offer my beloved audience. They are in png in blue, black, and black with transparency, in the most common vector formats, as usual. Hope you like them 🙂