52 Inspirational T-shirts

We bring to you today a collection of T-shirt designs for your inspiration. It’s interesting to see so many good talents and different styles. Beautiful T-shirts are good sources of references for us. We selected nice tees from 3 different sites. The first one is the Threadless. They have tees from $9.00 (on sale) to $25.00.You can even earn a good money by submitting designs. The second one is called Emptees, which is more like a T-shirts community. The last one is a Brazilian site, Camiseteria , where people can participate, create and vote.


12 thoughts on “52 Inspirational T-shirts”

  1. Beautiful designs, nice collection. I really, really want the 4th one down from Emptees (e4) – the man and the dragonfly wings, but couldn’t find it on their site. Does anyone know if this shirt is for sale?

  2. 52 great shirts, yet no links back to the originals, so if one were to want to procure a shirt on this list, they would find themselves effectively hosed…

  3. @jacob Hi, this post is only inspirational, but you can take a look at the sites (links in the first paragraph) and browse through these and many other t-shirts.

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