5 Business Card Template Packs

Five Templates for Business Cards in layered .PSD format, that come in two trendy and colorful designs for you to use in your personal and commercial projects. Just download them, open in Photoshop, change the text and voilà you have a cool-looking business card!

Hope you enjoy.

  • 5 Packs Details:
    • 4 Front/Back packs
    • 1 Front only pack
    • 18 Cards total
  • Print Details:
    • 3,5×1,9in (90x50mm)
    • 5mm bleed
    • 300ppi
    • CMYK




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82 thoughts on “5 Business Card Template Packs”

  1. These are cool business card templates! I personally like the pack02. Interesting combination of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Web Design Warwick

    Thanks again for another great freebie, will pass it on to a friend who was needing some help with the design of his business cards.

  3. Free start files for your business cards can be downloaded at Overnight Prints in the “DESIGN GUIDE” section of their website. Templates are also available to choose from in the online designer. I strongly recommend checking them out and they have great prices on printing as well.

  4. Bookmarking this. Great designs. I’ve sometimes found it difficult being creative on business cards due to the creative v professional argument, but this post certainly gives me useful ideas.

    1. @Lauren I guess you are right, but my niche group are designers with the necessary skills to edit that kind of files.

  5. Great templates! These designs would look absolutely great on glossy plastic business cards. That way the colors will really show vibrantly. My favorite has got to be Pack o1. Very beautiful choice of colors.

  6. These are some pretty sharp business card templates! Seeing these makes me feel like the ones I have now are too plain, I might need to think about getting some new ones made.

  7. Awesome! Thanks for sharing the templates very nice quality!
    Once you download the template and got just how you want it, check out these prices for the best quality card stock cards
    16pt/UV 4/side full color – So thick you can peel a potato –
    1000 – $45
    2500 – $65
    5000 – $85
    Thanks again

  8. I’m having trouble downloading this or any of the other business card packs.  I’ve “liked” it from google chrome and firefox without success.  Perhaps it’s because I’m on Ubuntu and not Windows?

  9.  To all having trouble downloading, if you use a script-blocker, it will not work.  It requires a FB “Like” to download (unless you’re savvy to view source and find the real download link).

  10. I’m trying to download from an android tablet but I also can’t get the link to load. Please email the file to me too.

  11. Nice work, but two questions: 1) How do I change the Snap2Objects text in all the cards? I am using Photoshop Elements. Also, 2) The file for the front of card 4 is incorrect.

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