Thanks Steve for changing the world

Yesterday, with the deceased of, Steve Jobs, was really sad day for the world, we lost the person who changed the world as we know it. But despite of his loss, what we must feel the most is gratitude. Thanks Mr Steven Paul Jobs for make not only the world think different,  but also, be different.

Now the world, thanks to him, have changed the way its consume technology and information and how we relate to it. We no longer need a manual to learn how to operate our devices, we no longer need to expend days teaching our parents how to use a new gadget like a tablet, even my mom who was a complete illiterate in technology , she wasn’t able even to send a sms in her phone, she was amazed by the “magic” of an iPad, now she asked me to give her one. It was really a lovely and illuminating scene watching her using one and telling me how it was so easy and fun to use it, instead of an conventional pc “ay no el computador de la casa es muy complicado, ese mouse y el poco de menus” (the pc we have at home is so complicated, with the mouse and all those menus) she said “these is so simple I just touch what I want”
Thanks for that steve, now even my mon is an apple (and technology fan).


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  1. Well done. Lovely tribute. Be sure to send a copy along to Apple at rememberingsteve(at) for their catalogs.

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