Freepik: Best place to download Free Vectors and PSD resources.

As designers we are always in the hunt for coffee and design resources (and sometimes for our clients to pay). When I need to find resources I usually look for them in different sites. For vectors I go to good old vecteezy and for photographs I always go to (even though their inventory is not as good as it used to be); and of course the classic search in google images. Sounds like a hazzle, doesn’t it? well it is! Just until I found the all in one free vectors, photos and PSDs search engine.

At first, I was kind of sceptic I must confess. Due to the fact I have tried and experienced similar resources in the past. They tend to be not well curated, low quality, poorly organised and on top of all, most of them looked spammy.
So after all of the above I decided to give it try by just easily opening my account using the one click Facebook sign in button. It took me all less than 15 minutes! I must say that freepik will be my first stop from now on. I will give you 4 reasons to try it and fall in love with it. Besides you will be astonished with the quantity of this 1.4 millions files behemoth.

Search Suggestions

The first thing you will notice is the useful search suggestion feature, which the search Gigant made so popluar. As a consequence we are more than used to this search feature and actually expectants of finding it as we are in the look for design resources.

File administration

Another valuable function is that once you have easily created your account you can keep track of the files you “loved” (in order to later have them downloaded) and also the ones you have already downloaded. In that simple way you don’t have to go crazy looking for those files all over again (does it sound familiar to you? 😉 )

Search Results

The search results interface is clean and uncluttered sorted by default with the most popular files. Now, you can have the results narrowed down by different categories like Most downloaded and by the date they were added. You can also refine your results by color, a feature than can turn out very useful for classifying and so on. One couple things I believe are missing, are some more details like file size and dimensions in photos and pads.

File Categories

If you are not sure of what exactly you are looking for you could get a hand of the neatly organized file categories: just for vectors there are 28 ones.


Freepik is your all in one solution for your graphic resources needs. With more than 1.4millons well organised files! God! and the best of all: free. So what are you waiting for?! Go now! 🙂

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