Re-Purposing your Website for the Mobile World

Mobile trends are constantly changing, and it important to keep your web design up to date with changing needs of mobile users. With cheap data plans widely available, the number of users accessing the web on mobile devices is only going to keep growing. For many people mobile web access has become the preferred method of using the Internet, which makes handheld device support become increasingly important.

Having a Mobile Presence
What is most important is that you or your business has a mobile presence. A desktop design does not easily translate to a mobile user’s needs. However, responsive web design is costly, and requires a mobile site to be re-built. Mobile web development platform’s help you re-purpose your site to fit the needs of your mobile users, on a mobile-optimized website.
Customizing Your Mobile Site
How you build a website depends on the needs of your mobile users. Mobile site builders have now made it easy for individuals and businesses to create a customized mobile-web version of their site. You can create new page’s that may not exist on your desktop site from a wide variety of pre-existing templates that fit your needs. Once you have the template of your site set-up, customizing the website with visually engaging graphics will make your site appealing to users.
Adjusting to Screen Sizes
One of the most important factors in your mobile web development is to make good use of the constrained screen size of your mobile users. You want to fit as much information and site options into a small amount of screen space, without sacrificing the design and user utility. This makes design options like columns and divider’s essential to how you organize your site, fitting more information into a smaller space. Images are essential to the visual appeal of a site, but you have to consider how they are organized. It is important to re-format images from the web into a mobile-friendly image slider options. This gives the user control of the images they see, without losing track of other important information on their screen.
Re-directing Users to Your Mobile Site
An important aspect that is often overlooked is to make sure that your user is redirected to your mobile site. Search engine’s often direct users to the site’s desktop URL. Making sure your design can detect that a user is accessing your site from a mobile device will allow it to redirect to the mobile-friendly version. Nothing is more frustrating than building a great mobile site, and then not having it be easily accessible to your users.
Users interact differently with sites and menus on mobile devices. Making sure your website has a version that is adapted to today’s mobile-centric users will make sure that you are not missing out on current trends. Using a mobile web development platform makes this process easy, and also avoids the high cost of building a mobile site from scratch.

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