Free vector business card template designs

The great thing about this kind of packs is that thy can save they day when someone need something very fast (maybe a friend of yours) and you don’t have enough time or the energy. So you grab a nice template and you are done. A nice and fast business card for your beloved ones.

Free vector Kawaii movie genres icons

After Halloween we needed something new and cute and thats why I did this Kawaii characters trying to represent some movie genres like drama, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi…etc. I am a sci-fi and fantasy movies fan, cause we have too much “reality”in our lives. Enjoy!

Free Halloween Vector Elements

Hello! Took some time made this one but i hope all of you like it. My favourite is the cat and the skeleton, and the spider, and the ghost…uhmm… well, all are my favourite lol. Remember to write us and ask for any vectors you want to download here and Happy Halloween!

Free Halloween kawaii vector elements

Mbuaaahahahahahaaaa we are ready for Halloween!  the best part of the year is coming and thats why I am bringing to all of you a kawaii pack with some halloween elements. I hope you enjoy this cute group of little characters like Pumpkins, ghosts, bats… 🙂 Happy Halloween…

Vector shopping elements and Illustrations

Normally I can’t find good shopping theme illustrations or characters so I did this for you all. We have the shopping bag, shoes, clothing, jewellery, make up and parfum vectors and this two gorgeous girls to buy it lol… Enjoy and remember to write me for any idea you wanna see here, happy weekend to all! 🙂