85 thoughts on “Free Vector Social Bookmark Icons”

  1. Your design is so cool.
    If I would like to use the box to a logodeisgn of my freelance company – could that be possible? And if so, what should I do in regards to you?

  2. what do you men by “Just keep the attribution” is a link back to you site enough or is there anything more i must do ?

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  4. Good set!!!
    Who wants another nice set of high quality icons, please welcome!)))
    Here is one nice set of FREE LED Icons:
    h t t p ://led24.de/iconset/
    It`ll be good if you put it to your collection!
    And for all: enjoy it! I`ll be glad!
    Best wishes!
    P.S. It`ll be great if you save my link to LED Icons 😉

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    This is an awesome collection! I really like the origami and hand drawn icons — very cool. My favorite set wasn’t included though. It’s called Starry Site

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    Wow, these are nice, good work. How do you actually go about doing this sort of stuff? I’m trying to create a new logo but it always look poor compared to images created on sites like this.

  8. really nice collection, can you make other social media site icons also, example – yahoo, reddit, RSS, mixx, lastfm, flikr, email…

  9. I like how you make these 3D effect icons. Most especially the designs for the top row. Mix and match of colors is absolutely perfect.

  10. Nice job, are the other social networks icons ready? If you are not sure about wich ones, I think facebook, flickr, myspace and youtube are fundamental. I sure will make a donation

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