30 Free Vector Skylines: Vector Pack 03

The time has come for skylines A.K.A cityscapes. I have selected 30 city profiles, from Sydney to New York, and have vectorized them using the acclaimed online vectorization tool vectormagic. Please feel free to use these vectors in your designs. There will be more themed vector packs to come.

30 Free Vector Skylines
**Update 12/22/08**
Added to the pack the PhotoShop Brushes


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

127 thoughts on “30 Free Vector Skylines: Vector Pack 03”

  1. Hi, first of all: great work, thank you! It would be very nice if you could provide a list for all the eps which city they are about. thx, matt

  2. please…
    wich program does open .ESP files?
    i Dont know it , sorry…
    Does exist any freeware stuff to convert or see this skyline files you posted?
    many thanks for info
    best regards

  3. These are amazingly incredible!!! When i started out looking for a vector cityscape, i actually had an idea of what i could do with em. Now im stuck between just staring at them and trying to remember what it was i wanted to do in the first place! These are brilliant!!! Peace and love…

  4. Hi there!!!!!!!! The eps and brushes has really helped me a lot in getting the designs I have alwz wished!!!! I would surely like to thank u guys!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. Hi Man, this is gorgeous… those skylines are really made for mind’escapes when u look at them… I am in Mauritius / MAdagascar, such rare ai’s are so dam’d useful! U can contact me, we are doing some big vector work too on our side. Aloha from the Indian Ocean to yopu all.

  6. @ Nabil muradagaGlad
    Thank you like the freebie, welcome to the blog, feel free to come come back and chec the new articles and freebies.

  7. Lucas Mandacaru

    Esses vetores estão no FreeVector.net sob a licença não especificada do Creative Commons, enquanto aqui, no seu site, aprecem sob Copyright.
    Quais são os direitos atribuídos a esses vetores?

  8. @Lucas Mandacaru
    Olá Lucas. The License is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. So you can use it on commercial and personal projects under attribution. A link back to the blog would do the trick.

  9. I’ve been looking for a good set of vector skylines to use in a piece that I’ve had in my head for a while. I started trying to create one but I believe that your skyline set might have just shortened my timeline to complete it. Thank you!

  10. these are awesome, thanks alot, is there a list of what cities they are already out? could i get a link please. again super awesome work

  11. Are these really royalty free ? Can they be used commercially or is strictly for personal use ?
    please let me know as this is a very important matter of legality and use.

    1. @Court I think there is one.. but I don´t remember clearly. When I did that freebie I forgot to name it, soooo sorry ppl is still asking for that.

  12. Cool stuf, thx !!!
    Could you give us information ’bout the author more precisely please. We need it for attribution 🙂

  13. reveal_the_present

    Hi Mao,
    Thank you for these great graphics! I took buildings from a few of your cities and rejoined them to create a fictional city for the cover of my novel which will be published in September.
    Here’s the link to the cover if you’d like to see it:
    I have attributed you in the acknowledgments section in the back of my book.
    Thanks again!

    1. @Reveal the present
      It looks awesome! thanks for sharing the final result, I love it! look almost post apocalyptic. I want a copy of the book 🙂 pdf maybe?

  14. reveal_the_present

    Mao, just finalized the book the other day, send me your email so that I can send it to you, along with a copy of the final cover!

  15. I am looking for a good Cincinnati Skyline in Vector. Everyone I can find is blurred or smashed together with little detail. Anyway you can make one? Thank you

  16. Thanks a lot man!! I wish I could have been able to donate you :'( m seriously sorry man I can’t donate you money but I can at least give you good wishes 🙂 THANKS a LOT MAO !!

  17. Hello!
    I am the Clearance Coordinator for an upcoming ABC TV series pilot called “Zero Hour” starring Anthony Edwards. I am contacting you because we would like to use one of the vector files we have found on this site as a background set dressing element for one of our sets.
    As ABC has very strict guidelines about copyright, I am wondering if you would possibly sign a release stating that you are the copyright holder of the image and that you would allow us to use it for the purposes described above?
    As we start to shoot on Mar 17th your earliest reply would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks for your help!
    Nutan Khanna
    “ZERO HOUR” – Pilot
    Stage 49 Ltd.
    1777 Carrie-Derick, Suite 314
    Montreal, QC H3C 6G2
    T: 514 447 5961
    F: 514 904 1582
    [email protected]

  18. nothing s wrong sam but its just the marketing system, so that “they get a like”, fck this…( i didnt like btw sob)

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