93 Butterflies Vector & Png Clipart Pack

Organic designs are always beautiful and butterflies definitely don’t escape from trendy works. These 23 butterflies that I personally caught on Flickr under the creative commons license can help you to achieve that dreamy look.
The pack consists of transparent .png isolated objects, silhouettes, b/w and color vector traced vector files in .eps and .svg of each of them and also a .txt with the attributions.
I hope you enjoy them!
**update 12/20/2007**
Photoshop Brushes added to the set 🙂



Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

57 thoughts on “93 Butterflies Vector & Png Clipart Pack”

  1. I love the header of this post… it gives a clear idea of the things we can create. Thanks for this pack it’ll come really handy for me

  2. pretty sweet pack. Thanks for putting it together. Thanks for the full preview. I hate when people dont put good prieves for things like this.

  3. Excelente aporte… necesitó esto para un diseño… y la verdad, no siempre hay tiempo para empezar desde cero… se agradece!

  4. I love butterflies! And so is my niece. I think I would get a pack and choose the best one here. Would love to let her see this also.

  5. realy interesting shapes! we caught some butterflies on our site too but they are not vectors, they are… jewelry. hope you enjoy them also as we have enjoyed your vectors 🙂

  6. I entered my email address and still haven’t received any link (and I’ve been waiting nearly 30 minutes). I do NOT want to receive spam mail. If I am not going to receive this image, please remove me from your mailing list. I am VERY disappointed in your site.

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