12 Free Vector Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 03

Did you like the last Businessmen Silhouettes? We hope you did. Here is the latest pack with 12 more Vector Silhouettes for you to use in print and web projects.


Businessmen silhouettes


[button link=”https://www.snap2objects.com/downloads/businessman_pack03.zip” size=”large” style=”download” color=”teal”]Download[/button]
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30 thoughts on “12 Free Vector Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 03”

  1. Hey – great vector
    If I want to use one of the businessmen in a bit altered version in a logo I am doing, what do I have to do to furfill the license.
    How do I credit yu for this? in the code for the webpage it will be used on or?

  2. Hey!
    Your work is just amazing. thanks for sharing all that stuff with us.
    I have a question.
    Can i use Your freebies IN my design and put it on IstockPhoto?
    Please contact me on simon.reher@gmail.com
    Thanks, keep up with great work, and enjoy your day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. @simon
    Glad you like them. You can use the freebies in your personal and comercial work. But you are not allowed to use it for sell them on sites like istockphoto even if they are part of your own composition.

  4. Hi Mao,
    I have modified one of your businessmen silhouettes from Pack 02 by adding a hat and microphone and tweaking the general outline somewhat. I’ll be using this for a CD package plus possible business cards, postcards and web site.
    How should I word the attribution on these documents?

    1. @martha Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚ please give the attribution the objects in a small part. If you can do it in any of them be sure to credit the blog on the website.

  5. Nice graphics, I downloaded a couple of samples and tried opening them in FreehandMX. They don’t seem to open as editable vectors, any suggestions?

  6. hey i’d like to use a silhoette as a part of a logo, in which case i wouldn’t be able to mention your site everywhere the logo appears – is it ok if i give a link from my website stating i used your vectors to design the logo? thanks

  7. Mao,
    I was checking to see if I was able to include some of your silouettes for some advertisements that I am creating. Please let me know. Thanks.
    Glenn R. Goodwin

  8. for those who have troubles downloading (and for author who doesn’t seem to test everywhere ;)) link is /downloads/businessman_pack03.zip

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