Found Freebie: Flash Image Zoomer

Flash Image Zoomer is a nice free application that allows you to zoom in on an image and navigate it via its embed navigation window. The setup is as easy as 1-2-3 because the image is defined as an external parameter, making it easy to install the zoomer in the CMS or eCommerce Application of your choice. And for those using the most widespread and versatile CMS/blog platform, aka. WordPress. (Yes, I am a WP Fan :)) It is easy to install using the WP-SWFObject Plugin, which generates a simple tag markup you can use to call the application and indicate the location of the image in your blog.

Flash Image Zoomer
The application is skinnable, which allows you to change the interface appearance. It has three skins: the Simple Blue (default), Black Diamond (pretty similar to the blue one but in another color palette) and White Noise – by far my favorite, because the interface seems to be sleeker and the distribution of the action buttons seems to be more balanced.
One disadvantage I found was in the compatibility department. I tested it on FF2, IE6 and IE7. It worked just fine with IE6 and IE7 – nice since both are still used by most people, but in FF2.0 (at least on my PC) it didn’t seem to work. Apart from that, this image zoomer offers an excellent choice for a flash image zoomer with CMS integration, and it won’t cost you a peeny.

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  1. Oli Creare Design

    Thanks for this great looking piece of software. Will have to have a look at it in more detail and try it out, when I’ve got some spare time. Might use it on my website and see what people think of it. thanks again.

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