Design Inspiration: Beautiful Sites Inside-out

Normally when an inspirational post is presented, it is focused on aesthetics. This time I would like to present a PSD to HTML service that has for its slogan “Code is art” – and the pages coded by them are surely beautiful hmtl pieces of code.
Here are some examples. Among them, the acclaimed SmashingMagazine. The link under the screenshot will lead to a divided screen, with the rendered html on the top and the code below.
They offer great quality, as you probably noticed. They also offer an order form that allows you to control the final result and a client intranet to facilitate the management of multiple projects.

2 thoughts on “Design Inspiration: Beautiful Sites Inside-out”

  1. Martyn E-commerce

    Aesthetic Web pages are important but it is amazing how many sites I can come across using properties in code that weren’t meant for that particular use. Good Web Design doesn’t just include Aesthetics but code too.

  2. I agree with Martyn, but its not just messy code you find in amazing aesthetic websites, it poor usability. If a client can’t navigate around your site it doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing your site is.
    Its one thing to design a great site but it’s a totally different ball game developing a great site.

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