46 Free Vector Flying Birds Silhouettes

There is a certain beauty in silhouettes, especially the nature-related ones. The reason for this is that with only some curves you can catch the movement and soul of a creature, or the cozy feeling of a tree. In this case, birds are the ones “captured” in Silhouettes.
Hope you can find a great use for them in your designs.

Free Vector Flying Birds Silhouettes


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31 thoughts on “46 Free Vector Flying Birds Silhouettes”

    1. @webdesign well is not necessary to design a bird website to use them, they may come handy to use them to add a nature touch to your design as well 🙂

  1. I have downloaded the vector flying bird silhouettes, and extracted the .eps and .svg folders but have no idea how to open the individual object files to use in my designs. Please help.

  2. Thanks for these birds – I am stumped on a design for “Access to Justice and Promotion of Constitutional Rights” banners. Struggle images and fists are passé now sooo….. will try your birds.

  3. FUCK, man you made it really smooth to grab swarm of flying birds in vector for our freaky birdy design 😀 You did a great job! thanks so so much!!!

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