Recommended Site: Gadget Advisor

Gadget Advisor is a new growing site with a great angle where quality comes before quantity. Instead of finding endless minor posts you will find the cream of the crop resources for computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news. They put together handpicked articles and lists with the best from the tech world.

Just take a look to some of their most popular posts to have an idea of what I am talking about, here you have 3 perfect examples:

  • A colection of The best Firefox extensions
  • The best Windows software downloads
  • A review for Blaze Media Pro all-in-One Multimedia Software

Check that blog out, you will find very hard to resist bookmarking them.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Site: Gadget Advisor”

  1. The Fiery Source

    Gadget Advisor is great site, it provides useful information about the latest tech and gadget news, i most like the Tech News section by Gadget Advisor and no doubt love the other categories as well. I’ve enjoyed reading most of the article there and find many of them ahead of other Gadget news sites. Hopefully you will review other sites like this one in the future. Good report. That featured article on Firefox is excellent and I highly recommend reading it

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