30 Free Comic Fonts

No more Comic Sans! Nothing personal, just kidding. Who has never needed a nice comic font for speech balloons? There are plenty of good options and styles. Make good use of these 30 comic fonts.

Digital Revolution in Graphic Design

We’re finishing our Design History series with a more contemporary matter: the computer and the graphic design. We’re going to see some great names that we already know, like Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and how they contributed for the graphic design. Good reading.

The History of Advertising

Today’s article from the Design History series talks about something we’re used to see all the time in our lives but we don’t really know how it began or expanded so much: advertising. It’s an important matter for designers, advertisers, companies and customers. Check that out.

The Bauhaus

Here it goes one of the most expected articles from de design history series: The Bauhaus. Let’s see how everything begun, its artists, its influences and many things about the first big school of design, that means so much for us.