16 thoughts on “Free Means of Transportation Vector Silhouettes”

  1. David Alan Preston-Earley

    The image that you have created ‘silhouettes that are means of transportation by land air and sea’ reminds me of a project that I started at art college considering positive and negative values. I am interested to understand if there is deeper meaning attached to this image. When I look at the image I want to include lines that link like a spiders web, that connect all these forms of transport together instead of just having them float in space.

  2. I didn’t think much of these silhouettes but actually had an interesting project connecting air museums and these were just what I needed!

  3. I am FAR from a graphics expert, but am working on some internal logos for my business using PowerPoint and Publisher. Does anyone know how I can import these silhouettes as independent items into those apps or do I need to use a more powerful graphics app? Help!

    1. @steve mate I am not sure if you could do that in powepoint since I dont have it installed on my system. I would try to import them and them ungroup because they are made as isolated objects.

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