Free Ecological Vector Design Elements

Happy Earth Day, earthlings! To celebrate Earth Day we are giving away some eco design elements: trees, leaves, suns, recycle symbols etc.
Go green!



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16 thoughts on “Free Ecological Vector Design Elements”

  1. gaz - website design

    these icons are great, just what i have been looking for. can I ask you to clear up the creative commons licence? I see it as you can use in any project you wish private or commercial as long as you attribute to the creative commons page, is that correct?

    1. @Gaz Glad you like them πŸ™‚ Sure you can use them on commercial or personal projects as long as you give the proper attribution.

  2. Current ecodesign theory supports the belief that commercial designers have a valuable role to play in eco design because of our position at the early stages of the product development process. what a load of ‘rubbish’

  3. Hey can antone please define the meaning of these symbols? I need them for a quiz at school………..please………….

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