Photo Objects: 20 Vintage Cameras

I luv flickr! you can find almost whatever you fancy there. I searched for vintage cameras and found these beauties and made .psd and .png isolated HR photo objects. I’m sure they will be helpful in you projects when you need that retro chic element.



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53 thoughts on “Photo Objects: 20 Vintage Cameras”

  1. These are great! Some vintage cameras look like amplifiers! Lol! (”,) I wonder if these are still functioning.

  2. addictinggames

    You know what, I honestly love your blog! I can find lots of beautiful picture here.. Thank you so much for investing your time to put all the pictures in categories ^^

    1. @Posicionamiento Great you fond them usefull I luv them, you should share with us your project, is it an article?

  3. i love retro electronics! this set is awesome, I actually found a camera similar to the nikon one in my grans house a few month back, it is on my shelf now.

  4. Nice collection of cameras. Thanks for taking the time out to share this with the world. I really appreciate this. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. It’s funny. Yesterday I have been out with my friends and in the center of our city (Bucharest) we found one small coffee shop called Camera Cafe – that was decorated all over with very old cameras.

  6. This is a really cool collection of cameras. Thanks for sharing.
    (btw you have a really nice blog, keep up the great posts :D)

  7. Search downloads

    Thanks for taking the time out to share this with the world. I really appreciate this. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  8. Some of them are so expensive, you can buy a car with the money you will receive from a collector.
    Compering with the cameras we have these days, those are kind of big, but charming in a way.
    Take care.

  9. My father sold one for 2000 last month. It seems these days, those cameras are a lot more expensive than the new ones. My type are the small ones, so I would never buy the old ones.

  10. I spotted a site yesteday which seemed much similar to this, are everyone confident another person isn’t copying this web-site?

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    I am currently searching for ways in which I could enhance my knowledge in this said topic you have posted here. It does help me a lot knowing that you have shared this information here freely.

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