32 Ultra Photoshop Quality Leaf Brushes

Have you ever needed a good set of PS leaf brushes? Did I mention, in high quality? Well, if you have undertaken that quest you will agree with me that there just isn’t much out there on the web.
That’s why we here at S2O made a great pack of 32 photoshop leaf brushes from 1000 to 2000px.
We hope you find them  useful.




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11 thoughts on “32 Ultra Photoshop Quality Leaf Brushes”

  1. The files say they are .zip but they are .rar which I can’t seem to open on my PC. I’ve never seen a .rar file except from this website. What is that?

    1. @Debbie you are right. I will fix it. Either way .rar files are just another type of compressed file you can decompress it with apps like 7-Zip or winrar.

  2. I guess I have older versions of unzip and unstuffit. Neither of the could decompress the .rar files – which a couple have been. I think the old cameras was one that I could not decompress either. I’ll try again. Thanks.

  3. Matt - New-Logo.co.uk

    I really like natural design themes so am sure these will come in handy. Thank you very much for sharing.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your brushes, they are awesome. I am just starting out in digital paper design and would like to use some of your brushes to blend into the backgrounds of some of my papers. Could you please contact me on the email address I have supplied and let me know your terms of use and whether this would be permissable with credit for the brushes given to you????? Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work.

  5. The CC license applies only to the actual brush file, right? Or do I have to do attribution on each document where I use the brushes?
    This is nice regardless, thank you 🙂

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