8 thoughts on “Four Vector Floral Ornaments Pack 02”

  1. I like the 4th design at the bottom. I find it more stylish than the others, but all of it are great! You’re right, these are good for website design.

  2. I agree these would look great as a very decorative website background. I had a web designer create a similar style backdrop for my logo blog website http://www.logodesignblog.co.uk you can see how the very decorative style can be used in a subtle way here. Very useful vectors, thank you for sharing.

  3. A website will be a much more appealing with floral designs in its corner. Somehow an old style theme for a website.

  4. Hi Mauricio, I love these patterns and would like to ues them on my garden fence as a living moss wallpaper, one thing though i’m having no luck in downloading the patterns. I have clicked the like button and nothing happens………silly as i may sound but is there anyhting else i need to do ??

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