30 Covers in 30 Days, Part 2

We return you now to a NaNoWriMo challenge already in progress. Chris of Fwis is still working hard to design 30 Cover in 30 Days. Below, his first 5 covers and Part Two of our ongoing interview.

Could you give us a sentence or two about each cover you produced this week? What methods did you use? Are there any new styles or techniques that you experimented with? What ideas did you want to convey?
1: The Business by Tricialee Friedman (view full)fwiscover01_business
The first one is always the toughest, and I was a little fussy on this one. I still don’t like the type treatment. The image is from the Library of Congress. I wanted to convey something along the lines of a shattering injury.
2: Traffic Lights by Cynthia Dawn (view full)fwiscover02_traffic
Pen & ink. I need to do more like this, just simple, broad strokes. I wanted to convey precociousness but also something dramatic and a little insidious.
3: The Beauty of a Grid by Alexander Deluca (view full) fwiscover03_grid
This is one of those covers that just sorta happened on the first pass – its my favorite one so far, though it might need a little more contrast.
4: Meet John Foe by Marcia Lee Metzger (view full) fwiscover04_johnfoe
More LoC images here – basically just an Action Comics cover.
5: King of the Food Court by Stacey Shackford (view full) fwiscover05_foodcourt
I had a really short description for this one, but I really like the idea of some mall-bound sage or poet. The type is sort of an embarrassing one amongst designers so I had to use it.
Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo) has defined Week One as being full of energy and anticipation. Would you say that accurately describes your experience this week?
No, I am struggling trying to write, run a business, and finish these covers. My social life is in the pits!
Have you met your goals for this week?
How much time have you spent on covers? Your novel?
I’d say about an hour apiece on the covers. I am something like 10,000 words behind on my novel, but I’m taking a week off for Thanksgiving and expect to make it up then.
You’ve said you’re not using stock images for this project. Where are you getting images from, and how has this affected the final products?
As I mentioned, the Library of Congress Image Search is great; I’ll probably end up using some of my own photos, staying purely typographic, or illustrating by hand. I’m not exactly sure to what extent I’m willing to go fair-use on copyrighted images, but its an option.
On the third, you went outside the parameters and designed a cover of your choosing. The Nominations thread is now some 200 posts long. Are you browsing for more ideas that spark your interest, or leaving it up to the NaNoWriMo selection team?
Probably not; I need to get the covers done for the people the NaNoWriMo editors have chosen – they made some excellent choices and I need to nail those to the wall before I start tossing wrenches into their careful curation. Sorry Chris & TK!
You can always find Chris’ latest cover in this forum thread: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/node/3438529
Have a question for Chris? Leave it in the comments!

8 thoughts on “30 Covers in 30 Days, Part 2”

  1. I like the design of the action comic “Meet John Foe”. Though it’s a typical comic design, I still find it very appealing. Just like the marvel comics.

  2. “No, I am struggling trying to write, run a business, and finish these covers. My social life is in the pits!” – I think a lot of us can sympathise with that. Running your own business really takes its toll on your social life… try combining that with having a baby and it gets worse still lol

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