4 Heraldic Vector Shields Pack 01

I have always loved heraldry, but you found so little vectors of it in the internet (at least free). So I decided to vectorize some of them for you to use in your projects.

I found 4 great ones, like them because they are full of details and didn’t suffer that much in the vectorize process. They are great to use from t-shirts to websites.
Hope you find them some nice use.



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15 thoughts on “4 Heraldic Vector Shields Pack 01”

  1. This is a great idea and very generous of you Mao. It would have taken me ages to create vector versions of such detailed graphics. Do you have a quicker way of recreating vector based designs or do you use the pen tool for the entire job?

    1. @Logo Design Monster thanks pal. Well I scan them, then I put then in gray scale and play with the levels of it until I get the desired contrast and then I vectorize it with vector magic.

    1. @Andrew
      Well you have to consider that those are vectorized images scanned from a book. So The actual process takes about 5 minutes, now if you will hand draw them well thats another history 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Mao for the insight into the vector conversion process. I had not seen Vector Magic before but will look into this further as looks excellent.
    I really like your website so will be sure to have a read of some more posts soon as have seen a few I would like to have a look at especially with all these freebies! Thanks very much.

    1. @Logo Design Monster
      You are very welcome mate :D. Vector magic works great for me, I have tried several tools and thats the one that gives the best results.
      I recommend you the post series of design history they are great.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Vector Magic, before now. I’ll have to go have a look.
    There are a handful of sites that I subscribe to, such as this, that each offer some great design elements. This site is fabulous for vectors. I share them with my friends in the digital scrapbooking community as we are always on the lookout for good stuff.
    Do you have a banner or do you mind if I use your header? If that is okay, I’ll scale it to fit (approx. 400 px wide) and post it with a link to your site.
    I will wait for your response, first. LOL
    Thank you, once again, for everything!

    1. @Su
      IMHO Vector magic is the best and more accurate vectorizing tool out there. I totally recomend you try this one. They have an online tool where you can try it for free a couple of times and then buy some credits or you can buy the application.
      Thats great su! thanks, sure I would love you to share the freebies with you community, btw whats the url I would like to check it out. About the banner you can take the banner and resize it.
      Thank YOU for take time to check my blog and use the freebies.

  4. Great set of vectors! I would never be able to recreate these vectors in Illustrator. I will have to try out vector magic and see what I can do with it. Will you be releasing any more quality sets like this? Thanks

    1. @Oliver
      Thanks oli. Please do try vector magic it definitely worth it. The best results I have ever get with vectorization tool. Sure I will be releasing more of them soon.

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