7 Free Female Model Silhouettes Vector Pack02

Remember these pretty ladys? well they called 7 more girl friends to the back stage fashion party. In the way as the other model silhouettes they are composed in several parts for easy customisation.  
Enjoy the party 🙂



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2 thoughts on “7 Free Female Model Silhouettes Vector Pack02”

  1. Hi
    I’am a teacher of drawing from Spain. I have shared your useful vector designs in my deviantart art gallery http://isladelossuenos0910.deviantart.com/gallery/35277354
    because I want my young pupils to download and use them as a template for Inkscape patterns, filling the clothes with patterns of their own. They are involveld in a fashion design excercise.
    When my students send their final designs to me, I´ll upload to deviantart and send the link to you so you can see what my students would have done with your work.
    Many thanks.

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