Ways to Sell Music Online

Over years, musicians have been rating music as their passion, making music and trying to sell it. Music whereas is the dream of dreamers at the very same time musicians have been toiling to get their tunes sold. Selling music online is now the most ‘vital apple’ in the musician society as when you put your music on the stores in the market, it is not reachable everywhere around the globe and a lot of your fans will be deprived of having your music but when selling online the entire universe has access to your music effortlessly.

Basically, you just need to upload your songs and then each sale most obviously not need to be made manually. Set up your network and get swinging.

Domain Name and Website:

Now first you need to get a DOMAIN NAME. If you don’t have a domain name and you are trying to sell your music, it is WORTHLESS. Secondly, get your OWN website. Your OWN website is the best and finest approach of getting your music sold. And at the very same time it is what you call READY CASH, when those ads on the sides are attached to your website.

I-Tunes/Amazon/Spotify etc:

I-tunes is one of the extravagant, out of the ordinary way to sell your music online in this era because it is where the fan traffic resides. Amazon and Spotify are other essential music manias where you can target fans more each time. If you want your music to get to the BIG SHOPS then you’ll have to register to these places at any or every cost. You can get help from a company like Songcast where they lend a hand in getting you into it.

WordPress or E-junk:

Another fundamental way is to sell music online on your own website. If your website is made on Word-press, get the word-press store plug-in and upload your songs in digital format by creating a shopping cart for your website.
So a fan of yours hears your music, likes it, wants to buy it, clicks the buy now button and then opens the shopping cart. They can simply pay using Paypal, Skrill or via cards. Once they pay they get access to the download link; easy, safe and secure.
Ok now the above very simple procedure has to be followed if you want to sell using E-junk for those websites which are not wordpress made.


Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal and Myspace, wherever you want to update your music news now you can, very easily without any extra effort. First way is to update every account individually and the other is to use a tool that may update all the other tools.
Some very fruitful tools are:

  • WordPress – www.wordpress.org
  • CD Baby – www.cdbaby.net
  • ArtistData – www.artistdata.com

By updating the accounts now you can sell your music easily and eagerly.

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