Win an Annual Subscription for Design Resources and Premium UI Kits from PixelKit

PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources
The team of amazing professionals at PixelKit is ready to share three Subscriptions for Annual Memberships with our readers! What a great way this is to begin the day!

The lucky three winners will get a free Annual Membership Account at PixelKit. They have literally thousands of graphics available, so they are the best solution for web designers. PixelKit is actually specialised 100% for UI kits. That means you’ll get everything you’ll need as far as app screens, navigation controls and more. Take a look at all we have available and you’ll discover more sliders, buttons, icons and other design elements than you might ever need. This is a one week competition and will be running until the next 23th.
If you’re ready to enter, how will you get a voucher?
Here’s how:

  • Just leave a comment at the end of this post or telling us just why you should be a winner, and where you‘ll use your free Annual Subscription for PixelKit premium graphics if they choose you.

We think this free subscription is very enticing, since you’ll save time, energy and hassle when you use PixelKit. You’ll get the highest quality in UI kits and you’ll get them right away. So you can finish each project more quickly, take on more projects and make more money!
Here are some of the icon sets and UI kits you’ll have access to:

5 O’clock Shades – App Icons

This icon set is a combination of the modern flat style with a more detailed approach, giving the icons a cool and modern vibe.
App Icons

Swanky Outlines – Outlines Icon Set

Our icon set in vector outline is the perfect match for your flat or metro app or website.
Outlines Icon Set

Crooked Stats – Stats Infographic Kit

This stats infographic kit allows you to use easily understood visual representations to present complex information easily and clearly.
Stats Infographic Kit

Vanilla Cream – Light UI Kit

This UI kit is easily read and works great for pastry, bistro or coffee shop websites.
Light UI Kit

Flat Jewels – Flat Icon Set

This flashy flat icon set makes your mobile app or website shine, without a doubt. It is best used with a website that has a modern flat, metro feel and look.
Flat Icon Set

Chubby Stacks – Fresh UI Kit

This UI kit will help your website to stand out, with its playful, fresh look. It includes more than 100 vector elements, so you’ll have everything you’ll need for creating cohesive web designs.
Fresh UI Kit

17 thoughts on “Win an Annual Subscription for Design Resources and Premium UI Kits from PixelKit”

  1. I am making websites and apps for social community projects without taking any money. Completely free so sometimes i need of buying this kind of stuff with my own money. It would be great if i would get them

  2. Alexandre Guilbeault

    I would try to use them in at least one project each. I think these are really well done and worth it! I just want to give it a try.

  3. Karthik Balakrishnan

    Working as part time graphic designer while I pursue my bachelor’s degree. It would be really useful for my work, which funds my college expenses.

  4. My course is engineering and research oriented, because of this, I want technical data to be easily viewed, by not just my peers, but people who will find it useful. For me, it is important to be able to showcase your work creatively so that it will have better impact. I would mostly use these for infographics for presentations and reports.

  5. I’d love to be able to use these in websites and projects I work on. Some of this stuff would look absolutely AMAZING when used on sites. I’ve always wanted to be able to have more resources available to me; I just never get enough to buy everything I want and pay the rent 🙂

  6. I would like to have all this resources available, since I´m starting as freelancer and it would save time and effort, besides they cause a huge vissual impression to clients and allow to create wonderful pieces.

  7. i am studying graphic design and love new and thing i can use for my school project, but i cant buy them cause i have to pay my own school, rent and my food so i it would be amazing if i win this.

  8. Ruth d'Andilly-Clune

    These are so great! Would love a fresh new kit with some of my exciting, upcoming projects! These would be so fun to work with and be inspired by!

  9. What designer doesn’t need this?
    A free Annual Membership Account at PixelKit is like a blessing for came from above for each designer.
    Why should i be a winner? That’s a hard one, i bet every single person that posted here deserves this FREE Membership, as i do. I deserve it too. I’m a freelance designer with a vast experience in print/web design and i spend 10 hours per day working for some projects of mine and also for my clients.
    If i will be the winner i will use the resources for my work, it will ease my work and i will have more free time to play with my 3 adorable cats 😀
    Best of luck to all!

  10. Working as part time graphic
    designer while I pursue my bachelor’s degree. It would be really useful
    for my work, which funds my college expenses. Thank you so much!

  11. I’m a consultant in marketing, advertising and new media. Will make my life better when designing mockups for apps and websites!

  12. I am working on a special application for space explorations and it would be just great to send some of these beautiful assets to outer space, don’t you think? 🙂

  13. I am the UX Manager to focus on delivering the best user experience and drive changes to user expectation. With PixelKit, I can save a lot of time gathering the best materials to produce the great UI, and spend more time focusing on the user behaviors and visual appealing effects. I believe I am best candidate to entitle the subscription, cause I maybe the only one who can mastering programming, entire Adobe creative toolings and strong sense of UX matters.

  14. Im trying to balance a full time designer role with freelancing side projects – having this would allow me to have more time for friends/family

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