Five Aspects of a Successful Blog Post

It’s 2018, and traditional marketing concept has shifted. We often hear that content marketing is taking the top and is the future of marketing. While content marketing doesn’t only mean blogging, blog posts on a product, service or about your business, should be a big part of your content marketing strategy. There are vast amounts of tools out there to help you improve your blogging tactics, however, a viral blog post consists of more than just great word combinations on screen.  
Blogging has become one of the best, yet certainly not the easiest ways to earn money online and promote your business. Every good business needs a website. Regardless of the concept of the business, a website is how customers these days find information and discover businesses. It doesn’t matter if it’s an e-shop, brochure website or space to showcase your portfolio, it has to have a blog. A blog is where customers go to find out more about the brand, its values, and mission. Having good content on that blog will keep your clients coming back, improve your brand’s credibility, and will allow you to share your thoughts. However, just like with any other advertising mean, blogging has its own aspects you need to consider if you want it to be successful.

Blogging has become one of the best, yet certainly not the easiest ways to earn money online and promote your business

Create unique content

With a constant flow of blog posts, infographics, articles, op-ed pieces, it can get hard sometimes to create content that no one has ever heard of or read before. To become a successful blogger, you have to create eye-catching, interesting posts, which your readers will want to read. It’s essential to make it your mission to not only create fresh and distinct content but to also, put your perspective on it even if other bloggers have already discussed the topics. Your content has to represent your point of view, your fresh angle and take on it as you don’t just want to say what everyone else has been saying already.
Naturally, unique content doesn’t only mean your unique perspective, it also means original, not copy-pasted text from another site. If you find something fascinating and want to share it with your audience, do so by creating a post of your most favored articles online, discussing the points you liked and incorporating a link to the website the original post is on. Search engines do not like duplicate content, and you don’t want to lose your SEO rankings. However, do so infrequently, unique and unread content is more likely to be shared.

Structurize everything you write

The structure is one of the most neglected characteristics of a blog post. How many times you have stumbled upon an article, that might be informative, but due to lousy structure, lack of imagery or interactiveness, you left the page. If it happened to you, it happens to your readers too. Protect yourself by incorporating a clear structure to every piece of writing. Every good article should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body part of the article is the essential part of the text, so make sure you have clear headings, paragraphs, and imagery or even a few bullet points to support your words if possible. Good article structure will not only maintain your readers’ attention for longer, provide a flow, but also keep them coming back for more.

Include a call to action

Call to action button is the ingredient that will bring every piece of content together. You have come up with a great topic, planned out and executed impeccable structure, included images, links and bullet points, so now what? Now, ask your readers to take action.
Every blog post should have a call to action. By the time a reader is finished reading your compelling copy, it is persuaded to take action. You should make it clear what is it that you want your reader to do. Whether it be a download of an e-book, a review of your product, subscribing to your newsletter, the action to be taken further should be clear and concise. A call to action button is key to the engagement and more conversions, so create your impeccable copy, but don’t stop there, create an action-worthy CTA too.

Call to action button is the ingredient that will bring every piece of content together.

Use keywords

Every blog post and piece of content is created to be read and engaged with. Without people being able to discover your content you won’t gather a readership. Your audience is what makes you successful, therefore extensive, yet the healthy use of keywords is essential. After you’ve come up with your topic, but before starting to write, do a keyword research. Think of the phrases your readers will put into Google search when looking for the topic you want to write about. Google Keyword planner comes in very handy here. You can discover your keyword’s difficulty and search volume with it, as well as find out related search terms and include variations of that keyword in your text, this way making it more discoverable by your readers.

Apply search engine optimization

A big part of your content being visible is not only keywords but SEO as well. This includes on-page as well as off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves factors such as meta tags, URL, internal linking, site speed, and the originality and nature of your content. Depending on you the platform, your website is hosted, you might either need to perform these functions yourself or get it done by your developer. WordPress CMS offers YeostSEO plugin which when integrated, makes on-site SEO procedures effortless. Without the help of web developers, you’re able to set meta title and URL yourself. For websites hosted elsewhere it might be more difficult, but yet essential. Off-site SEO includes such factors as backlinks to your website, mentions of your business online, and social media presence. You might want to invest some time into creating a buzz about your brand and business online, just for the sake of your website ranking on Google search engine.  


Creating content, later organizing, publishing, and promoting it is an exhausting process, but one that rewards. But make sure that you have the best web hosting as your partner in order to avoid “unpredictable” issues with your website. As said at the beginning, blogging is no easy job. However, it pays off. If you do your best implementing those few steps discussed above, you can be confident that you are on the right path and soon, you will have established a loyal readership.

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