Slicing Chef Giveaway Winner

The contest was over yesterday and the lucky winner is Melissa Bauer from Thanks to all the participants and to Slicing Chef for sponsoring this giveaway.  I hope Melissa finds delicious the chef cooking and share it with us the experience. Wait for more contests soon. 🙂  

Free Mother’s Day Postcard and Icons

Mother’s day is soo close and I’m sure more than one is searching for gift ideas for this season. Today we have a pack with a classic beautiful post card and a serie of elements about the topic. We hope you enjoy this day with your loving and caring (unless you have charlie harper’s mother).

Alternative Facebook Like Signs Posters

The Facebook like sign is the most famous thumb up in history, but whose is the owner of that hand? a rich guy? a hipster? or just a generic hand?.In order to create a more “democratic” hand we have created some alternative Facebook sing posters with funny  twist. I hope you f*king like it.

Free City Vector Elements: London

Today we have a minimalistic set of London elements. I wish I  could live there, almost all the fantasy books I love are set in this old classic city. You can see in the pack city icons like the Eye of London, The Big Ben, the classic red phone booth and more. Enjoy!