22 Vintage TV Sets Free PSDs

Retro television sets for your vintage hunger guys. I collected 22 TVs and cropped them to make some useful photo objects for your designs. There are some very old and others more “modern” and one that I am not sure if it is actually a television (the red one on the upper right corner). But all of them surely look great.
Hope you enjoy them and remember the times when the most famous family on tv weren’t the Simpsons.

For mor vintage lust:



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3 thoughts on “22 Vintage TV Sets Free PSDs”

  1. Oh, how cool!  I love ’em!  I can’t help but be reminded of those funky ‘test patterns’ that occupied the screen after hours.  There was an Indian chief’s head in the center.LOL  TV has sure come a long way! 
     I’m telling my age, I guess, but, there used to be these machines in mini-marts where one could purchase and/or test the ‘tubes’ from a tv.  The part of the tv that held all the tubes and inner parts was mammoth, while, the screen itself was the size of an i-pad screen.  LOL  I don’t even see one of those oldies in your set.  The last one comes the closest, but yours are more modern, believe it or not.Thank you!Su

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