Month: April 2009

Photography in colors: Orange

And the Photography in Color series is back! Now we present to you the orange collection. Orange: It’s a highly visible color, used to express excitement, heat, humor and happiness. It’s naturally “tasty,” because of its associations with food. Orange is also inspiring and communicative, and when used with other colors can also represent coziness.

Fonts 101 – Tips, categories, tools, tutorials and more

Text, typography, fonts, typos… This is a complex world that all designers are involved in. Today we’re going to talk about this important communication tool: typography. We’ll cover aspects like anatomy, categories, adjustments, tips about where to find them, useful tools, tutorials and a lot of other resources and information.

How To Do a Vexel Pop Art Photophop

Roy Lichtenstein has inspired many artists till nowadays, with his beautiful paintings simulating the comic style, marked by the presence of primary colors and reticulated aspect. Now we are going to digitally recreate this style in a newer vision using the vexelling technique in Photoshop.