Free Vector and Bitmap Floral Backgrounds

In a previous post, about the inspiration provocation of vintage wallpaper, I was talking about how those patterns are becoming part of contemporary aesthetics.
I present here the first of a series of vintage backgrounds. Download includes the vector file and 6 seamless tiles with background color variations.
Free Vector and Bitmap Floral Backgrounds
Free Vector and Bitmap Floral Backgrounds


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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

31 thoughts on “Free Vector and Bitmap Floral Backgrounds”

  1. @sneppa, thanks glad you like it and btw suits your site great. Not so big? OK going to include some smaller sizes 🙂

  2. i was too lazy to open my photoshop 😉
    I love this art of backgrounds, but they are rare.
    if you know some sites with “background archives” you can write me an email 😉

  3. I just googled ‘floral vintage backgrounds’ and your site pops up on the first page. Second time in as many days you’ve helped me out! I am now going to take the time to go through your site! I love the stuff here! You’re very tallented!!

  4. Thanks for these, top notch! I’m glad there are talented and generous people around to make up for my lack of skills!

  5. Hi Mao
    This pattern was perfect for a sign i designed for one of our clients, They loved the design and your backgound – so can i please have your blessing to use it?
    cheers – thank you

  6. “@marie Sure you can use all the freebies from the blog under the attribution licence. A link back to the blog would do the trick.”
    Hi Mao
    silly question – as im new to this, what do you mean by a link back to the blog?
    can you please clarify
    Marie –
    feeling dumb today 🙂

    1. @marie All the freebies in this blog are covered buy the Attribution License agreement. That means that you can use any of them in personal and commercial projects as long as you give the attribution. If you are using one of them in a website the best way to give the attribution would be linking back to the blog 🙂 I hope made myself clearer

  7. Thank you very much for the wonderful background. I am currently updating my website and hope to publish it soon with this background.

  8. Your subscribe to download plugin is broken, and is spitting out several error messages after clicking on the link it generated and sent to my email. Furthermore, clicking on the “Like” button only posts to my wall, and doesn’t initiate any sort of download.

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