Provocators in White

With this post, I’ll be starting a series of frequent (hopefully daily) posts. The idea is to provoke/inspire us.”provocation”
To make it short, I will tag as “provocation” stimuli not directly related to graphic design: architecture, industrial design, photography, textile, etc. And as inspiration, more graphic design related items: movie posters, album art, logos, magazine covers, etc.
How do these images provoke you? What do they tell you?

2 thoughts on “Provocators in White”

  1. Nice pics. Thx for sharing.
    Looking for more provocation? Just get up and leave the house!… go to you local museums and art galleries (and also observe everything that surround you during the journey). You can find excellent “provocators” along the way.
    As a plastic artist who uses his hands to represent what he sees and feels, you use you mouse to do so, and your whole environment is your muse, take advantage of it!
    As I read today in a graffiti “Design is not God but it’s everywhere”

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