Why should your site have “personality”?

The idea for this post came to me when I was redesigning our company site. I’ve made few different ideas – but they were all dull, and I’ve rejected them after some time.I wanted to figure out what was wrong with those designs – and finally I got it. The problem was that I wasn’t honest – I tried to show a false image of our company and the people who’re creating it. The site lacked “the personality”. As soon as I’ve added this factor – the site alive. I would like to share with you how to bring a “personality” to your site.

The “personality” is about being honest.
If you show yourself on the site:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What inspires you

The site will look authentic and true. There’s huge temptation to pretend to be someone different on the internet – especially if you’re a freelancer or run a small business, and you dream about getting “the upper shelf” clients with tons of $$ to spend.
Well – it won’t work.
The truth is that people will see that you’re not what you’re telling them – if not on the site itself – that will come obviously when they’ll meet you or talk to you over the phone The awful news is that you won’t get your “natural” clients as well – because they’ll be driven off by your “false” website.
So – if you are a passionate, creative designer – don’t try to market yourself with an “elegant” and “minimalistic” corporate site. On the other hand – if you’re a very organized and professional SEO Expert – don’t put a funny fury animated character on your site header. Simply be yourself.
Of course, you need to add some factors that are needed to attract clients (like elegance, creativity, experience, and so on) – the site can’t be built on personality itself. But it’s important that you keep it quite close to reality.
Ok – you might ask – but why do I need my personality on the site?.
Well – if your website is your main marketing tool (and for most of the freelancers or small businesses it’s exactly this way) – it has a huge influence on the type of clients that will knock on your door. If you’re true about yourself on the site – it’ll attract the clients who need exactly this type of person. It less likely to have any
misunderstandings if client knows who you are and how you work from the beginning.
If you’re asking yourself right now how can you define your personality or how to get the idea for the for it – here are some tips:

Your passion
What do you do at free time? This is a perfect personality theme for you – if you play sports, have a hobby, collect stamps – you can base your site idea on it.

Your favourite book, movie or video game
You can create some great ideas for sites based on your favs. Just be careful not to take too much – and add something from yourself.

The place you’re from
Maybe you can use some local speciality – like local food, history, mythology, local symbols or things like that.
The best way would be to use it all at once. So for example – when you’re running a web design or Web Hosting business based in Kansas- imagine a site where there’s a little cute cartoon Husky dog named Sparky (cause you to owe one in real life), who wears a black hat and a mask (you loved Zorro as a child) and each content change is animated with a huge tornado going from left to right.

Here are some nice ideas I’ve stumbled upon on the internet:

Simple, yet extremely powerful. You can be sure that this site will stay in your mind while looking for some hosting package.

Well – who’ll guess that the plumbing site could be so creative. You can feel your renewed bathroom at this site.

Beautiful site about doors&windows

Gentlemen way to handle websites
And here are two blogs with huge personality:


One last example for this list will be the Strand Brothers 🙂

I hope you’ll think a little about adding personal factors to your website or blog – In my opinion, it’s good for every business.
Few words about me 🙂
I am Robert Podgorski and I run a small Webdesign studio BlackMoon Development. Apart from being “the Boss” I’m also a webdesigner, flash developer, and cartoonist.
I am very glad I have a opportunity to share some of my ideas with snap2objects readers

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  1. Yes, I completely agree. I’m only an amateur at putting up a website, so I cruised through the “Template Sites” for downloads. It’s like looking at a Web version of the Stepford Wives. I’ll take Mr. Podgorski’s advice and shoot for what might be described as populist clarity. Thanks — Mike

  2. Данный пост реально помог мне принять очень важное для себя решение. За это автору отдельное спасибо! С нетерпением жду от Вас новых сообщений!

  3. Yes, I do absolutely agree. The character of a site has to be shown to a user – to come together in a more personal way. Because a website is still not like a handshake – but with more personalisation nearly…

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