Freebie: WordPress Rainbow Feather Theme

The V3 is finally out – one of the most beautiful WordPress themes in the free realm. Maybe you have seen it already, it’s name is Rainbow Feather. If not, this is a great chance to.
As the name suggests, Rainbow Feather delivers an impressive clean-cut layout, with rainbow colors, in a single fluid column, with a color palette resembling the rainbow in subtle gradients.
This version comes in German, English, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Turkish and Romanian. Julian Klewes Plans to release Dutch, Italian and Danish localized versions in the near future. That is such a remarkable effort, even paid themes rarely offer it.
It’ s amazing how an International Business and Management 22-year-old student, freelancer, and electronic music composer – with a girlfriend – finds time and will to offer such an beautifully crafted and well supported theme like this. Thanks, Julian 🙂

3 thoughts on “Freebie: WordPress Rainbow Feather Theme”

  1. well thank you for the kind words and the article, I really appreciate that, as you correctly wrote, time is the limit (so to say) – seeing that I earn no money with my free work and have little-to no advertisement on my website I solely rely on ‘appreciation’ in form of articles such as you have kindly written! thanks again

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