21 Chiyogami Seamless Backgrounds

Chiyogami: A highly decorative type of Washi paper (和紙, Washi or Wagami? literally, “Japanese paper”) printed paper used for craft purposes. It was originally printed with wood blocks but now other printing methods such as silk screening are used. Many of the traditional designs can be traced back to the Edo period.
Here are 21 gorgeous and colorful backgrounds free for personal use taken from Flickr. Most of them are from the Chiyogami Monday group. For download and information on license and attribution, please click on the thumbnails.

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7 thoughts on “21 Chiyogami Seamless Backgrounds”

  1. Design your own tattoo

    Wow! Thanks…those are indeed pretty…
    I have always loved those Japanese patterns. They serve as an awesome starting point for any kind of designer….

  2. @Vero
    You have to take download separately, click on the one your like and then click on the download icon. on flirck

  3. very nice backgrounds – up until recently ive not really spent too much time on the graphical side of design mainly just the coding – however ive become more interested in the look and feel of each site that i create. these backgrounds will certainly help with inspiration.

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