10 Best and Worst Looking Sites From The Web

You can always find inspiration in lists of best-looking sites, but what about the worst ever? I know, I know that would be harder, to decide among the countless horrendous sites from Geocities or Angelfire, lol – it’s way easier to hand pick the cream of the crop of webdesign.
According to commandshift3.com – Like “hot or not” meets “celebrity death match” – these are the worst and the best looking sites from the web.
Protective glasses are recommended to prevent your retinas from burning.

The Worst looking sites from the web.

10 dokimos.org

Accept Jesus

09 catalogs.com


08 5safepoints.com

index Virginia

07 ny1.com

Ny1 News

06 djsonline.com


05 gemwebsolutions.com

Gem Web Solution

04 folktrash.com


03 havenworks.com

Heaven Works

02 awesomesite.com


01 videosoniclab.com

Now some soothing for those sore eyes, here it comes the best looking websites.

The best looking sites from the web.

10 spon.com


09 titofelix.com


08 jrvelasco.com

Jesus Velasco

07 simonclayson.co.uk

Simon Clayson

06 teamviget.com

team viget

05 biola.edu


04 zu.com


03 max-longin.com

Maz Longin

02 gnvpartners.com


01 ilovetypography.com

I love typography


I love Typography
When you compare the best sites with the worst, it does not come as a surprise that together they look like the ying-yang, each one being the complete opposite of the the other. While the best sites looks clean and light, complying with web design principles like precedence, spacing, typography, usability, consistency and balance – just to mention a few – the worst sites appear to be the antitheses, breaking just about all conceivable design principles. The result is a cluttered, confusing interface where you don’t know where to look, what to do, or where to start.
Looking at bad designs can burn your retinas, but by comparing them with good design, it might make it easier to put your finger on what not to do, and what the practical consequences are.

17 thoughts on “10 Best and Worst Looking Sites From The Web”

  1. Oh come on, if you’re going to write a piece on web design at least understand that design is an answer to a PROBLEM. You’re putting apples up against oranges. I agree that NY1 is badly designed BUT AT LEAST COMPARE IT TO AN ATTRACTIVE *NEWS* SITE. Comparing a news site with some minimalist furniture website is just plain silly.

  2. I totally agree with the worst sites you have posted in here. I must say the background are really odd and not eye friendly. It is so full of advertisements and crap making the site messy.

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