9 Opensource Fisheye Menus

You don’t need to be a Mac fan to love the Mac OSX fisheye menu effect. This kind of menu has a lot of eye candy and it’s especially useful to arrange both long lists in small spaces and give a “physical” user interaction to the interface.
In this post I gathered 9 Open Source (free) Fisheye Menus for you to use on your on web project and giveย  them those “bells and whistles” you felt were missing.

A Fisheye for the Prototypejs Community

Positionabsolute Fisheye Menu


Icondock Fisheye Menu

A Mac OS X-style Dock In JavaScrip

A Mac OS X-style Dock In JavaScrip

NoGrays Docking Menu

Nogray Docking Menu Fisheye

Ndesign-studio Css Dock Menu

Ndesign-studio Css Dock Menu


euDock 2.0

euDock Fisheye Menu

Fisheye Component v0.3 Text and Images

Fisheye explorer

Marc Grabanski Fisheye Menu

Marc Grabanski Fisheye Menu

51 thoughts on “9 Opensource Fisheye Menus”

  1. Very interesting! I’m not a big fan of the effect, but some people are … and it’s really handy to be able to produce it when it’s needed or useful.

  2. Hey really cool uses of javascript, the mac osx dock is my favorite as some of the others looked abit glithy like the icon dock. Useful scripts though, thanks alot.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting Smile I love reading and
    I am always searching for informative information like this.

  4. Sep 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm
    thank you very nice menus, i will make a website for a customer with an fish eye menu. This collection inspirates me.

  5. ricette cotto e mangiato

    Coglievo l’occasione per dire, oltre a fare i dovuti complimenti, che gli articoli di questo blog sono sempre interessanti da leggere!

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