Free Business Powerpoint Templates Pack 01

2 Free PowerPoint Business Templates with 3 slides, cover, internal slides and print-ready.  The templates come as PowerPoint Template Files PPT, and the original vector files in AI, and also in SVG and ESP, so you can modify them and use then in other projects.



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13 thoughts on “Free Business Powerpoint Templates Pack 01”

  1. Beautiful, but I’d avoid using any of this if I’m to give handouts to accompany the presentations because you would waste a lot of ink during printing. 🙂 especially with the solid blue background.

  2. @Hendry Lee, Yup you are right but you must notice there are a 3rd slide that is printing ready with less blue real state. 🙂

  3. Wow, your templates are absolutely brilliant!! I have looked everywhere for something bold and creative, just like your work, believe me, couldn’t find it anywhere!! This is truly inspiring 🙂

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