25 Hottest Free Fonts of the Moment

We’ve selected the current hottest free fonts, organized in four categories. Check the list and see the lastest trends for typography.

Doodles and Sketches

These sketchy and “messy” fonts are getting noticed more and more. Using simple techniques, they are handwritten and irregular fonts that can really catch attention. Usually funny and informal, doodles and sketches can be a good choice for playing with intentional typos.


Sunday Morning Garage Sale

Bobsmade font



Sketch Rockwell


Web 2.0

The shiny Web 2.0 style was a big explosion a little time ago, when we could see glossy colored buttons everywhere on the internet. Badges, gradients and reflections were widely used, and the typography was also an important part of this style. They are usually rounded, with soft lines, bold, and mostly sans serif. Below, some free Web 2.0 fonts.







Ubuntu title


The techno (or “sci-fi”) fonts have also been explored recently. These fonts are usually rounded and resemble symbols from science fiction.


Dreamforge classic

ABC version II

Avee Black

Quarters font

Simplistic Font


Grunge typography was named after the musical movement, which was characterized by rebellion. Like the movement, grunge typography is inspired by the rejection of previous concepts; it breaks with these ideas by making something dirty, and differently beautiful.




Heroin 07

Untitled Font


63 thoughts on “25 Hottest Free Fonts of the Moment”

  1. Really nice font styles – I’m very impressed. I also like your website – very rich in useful content and ideas. Got the link to your website from someone else who’s a webdesigner (a pretty good one) and uses your website for inspiration. It sure enspires me. Best of luck to you
    Piotr Adamek

  2. This is an awesome collection, thanks for taking the time to find and share these =) I’ve been a fan of the vtks fonts for a while now.

  3. Derek C. F. Pegritz

    So that’s why so many websites all look the same: most of the fonts they’re using look exactly the same. Blech.
    Nonetheless, PlagueDeath and Incinerator are *awesome* typefaces. In a world obsessed with “sleek” and “elegant” fonts–all of which look alike to me–I guess filth and decay are the last true bastions of creativity…even though a lot of grunge fonts are starting to look alike as well.

  4. Una selección muy buena. Me han salido a partir de ellas nuevas ideas para un trabajo de la escuela. Muchas gracias

  5. nice collection you have here.
    I just have one quick question. I followed some of the links to download the types and it said “for non-commercial use”. I am curious what does it actually mean. Can I use it on my own site or others that I design for?.

    1. @moa Thanks for you comments. “for non-commercial use” well.. thats a really big debate on the net.. basically is intended for personal use, so in your own site would be fine, there is a nice article here about that matter.

  6. addictinggames

    You know what, another post that I found really useful^^. I love all the fonts! it really helps, because me and my friend are working together for making a free bulletins for teens.. Well, actually I’m not working for the design.. But i will sure tell this to my friend, he will need this^^
    Thanks for these freebies..

    1. @Addictinggame thanks mate. Glad you this blog can help ppl in their projects. You shoud show us the end result.

  7. addictinggames

    @Mao Well okay^^ but only if the result is satisfying.. because we were amateur 😛
    Anyway, yes this blog is really helpful, I just getting around again and I find many list of Images that is really beautiful and useful.. And because you have made many useful post. I click one of the ads in here everytime I come^^ Just for saying thanks
    Keep on posting mate!

  8. I never knew that some of these fonts that you listed were available. I recently finishing designing a creative that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with due to the font I had. Your list definitely gives me an idea for the font type(design) I can use.

  9. All of your collections of fonts have been great. I like that you are focusing on free fonts in this post. I really like the Quicksand font. Between fonts, logos, and design themes you guys have a great blog with a lot of good collections.

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