18 thoughts on “23 HR Natural Textures”

  1. rory - website design

    Oh baby! These are naturally beautiful and just what the Doctor ordered (I’m not a Doctor) but I’ll be using these in my next web design projects. Thanking you

    1. @Max Glad you like the texture max, all the freebies available in the blog are under the Creative Commons 3.0 by License By Attribution. You can use them in any personal or commercial work as long as you give the credit. 🙂

  2. wow! huge fan of these textures, definitely going to help me a lot in my work. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Two Blue Tiles
    Blue tiles is a texture that was photographed by my and uploaded for your exclusive use. the original images are blue but with the adding of a Hue and Saturation layer in photoshop you can turn it into whatever color you will need. very high quality photographed as a raw file and converted to jpg.

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