6 Floral Vector

This is Another set of floral vector ornaments. This time 6 little happy flowers.



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46 thoughts on “6 Floral Vector”

  1. I can see these coming in very useful, they are quite different to how I imagined I can see them being used for a wall paper effect design! Cheers Guys!!!

  2. I like the flower vector placed at the upper left corner, but I’m not sure what flower is it. Is that a sunflower? LOL Not even an expert in determining what kind of flower.

  3. Liked all the flower. But the second one in the 2nd row most. Sad that I don’t know what flower all those. Nice design.

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    the one at the top left looks like it might make a pretty cool tattoo.
    but not as nice as the skull in your header.

  6. I do some websites on gardening. I wonder if I can use some of this vector art as decoration images for my sites? I am glad I found this blog. Thanks!

    1. @Doug Glad you like the blog. Sure you can use any of the freebies in personal and commercial projects. As long as you keep the attribution. 🙂

  7. Nice picture. It was simple and attractive.
    Looking forward for the next post. I’ll make it as a header graphic
    in my new website.

  8. Karn from My Online Business Strategy Review

    Very clean and crisp images I like them a lot. I would love to use them for some of my content on one of websites, are these images free vector images?

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    I like these images very much. Thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to more of the same from your site.

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