12 Insect Silouettes

I am so afraid of bugs that I would rather have a famished crocodile in front of me than a cockroach. But when they come dissected as harmless vectors it is easier to cope! 🙂 So, here are 12 Insect Silhouettes for your projects.

insects cs4


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36 thoughts on “12 Insect Silouettes”

  1. I’m the same way you are! LOL Mad dogs, stampeding wild horses, I don’t care. But, don’t ever leave me with a cockroach, whatever you do! I can’t even kill one of them and, if there is one nearby, it will land on me! I hate them and they seem to know it.
    Thanks, though, for the cool silhouettes. I can handle them that way. LOL

    1. @SU I would rather have evil monkeys with wings! and cymbals! than one cockroach! ewww (I could give them poisoned bananas!) lol

  2. LOL I don’t believe there is any love lost between this bunch and the roaches. What is it about them that repulses so many? Better yet, I don’t want to know. LOL
    Evil winged monkeys with cymbals? Now, that would make an interesting subject for a sketch. LOL

  3. Not too sure whether I would prefer to have a crocodile next to me than a cockroach, but they are still creepy! Great set of vectors anyway Mao, much appreciated.

  4. Don’t knock the cocodrile… its a ferocious mutant species of winged crocodile, that fly in big swarms like locusts. Luckily for humans the species are herbivores, and like nothing better than nibbling some bulrushes.

  5. I personally love all your vectors. Though this one is a cockroach. LOL I’d rather live with cockroaches than rats! I don’t know why, but for sure I can kill those cockroaches easily!

  6. I love the outdoors and used to go camping to try to spot unusual insects… I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂 With a baby now, camping is a thing of the past, so this is perfect for my little study where I can still dream about camping. Thanks a bunch!

  7. Have you ever tried eating insects? Like cockroaches? They said that it is edible only if raised in a cleaner area and eat cleaner food. I will just satisfy myself with this set of vectors than eating one. 🙂

    1. @Anthony Wilson
      Ewwwww please don´t put that image on my mind! *Cleaning my tongue with a towel*. I felt for a moment in bad parody of raiders of the lost ark lol. Sure I will satisfy my self with clean and delicious vectors instead 🙂

  8. @Mao
    I bet you won’t enjoy doing food trip in Thailand! LOL Most insects there are edible, as in… I don’t know. I doubt if other people could actually feed themselves with those kind of food!

    1. @Ann
      ewwww I think I will be at the local Macdonald’s in Thailand! lol. Well maybe I could try a local dish but I don´t one like soup, one that I don´t actually see the bug. 🙂

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    @asian playboy you are funny. I am scared, too. But I am not so crazy to compare and insect with a a lion/tiger :))

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    I love the butterfly. I don’t hate the insects.
    My biggest fear is with the snakes.
    Maybe you will draw one.

    1. @womens sports wear Well butterflies are lovely, but I cant look one very close into the eye. ewwww 🙂 snakes omg even worse! remember briteny? lol how she could do it?

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    The quality of the silhouettes are really good but I agree they do look kind of creepy.

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