10 HR Yellow Flowers Packs Pack 01

Long time ago I promised a yellow flower pack after the first red one, but it seems it took me a looot to finally do it :).

So here they are 10 yellow flowers to make company to the red ones, (they were feeling lonely for a long time) they are photo objects for your convenience. They are in .psd and transparent .png.
Please check the .txt file inside de .zip for attributions.


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17 thoughts on “10 HR Yellow Flowers Packs Pack 01”

  1. Looks like some jonquils, mums, daisies and a bugle flower, but, I don’t know all of them, myself. The multi-flowered flowers look like begonias or perhaps geraniums, but, I don’t remember ever seeing either of those in yellow. It could just be I’m more familiar with flowers from my region. I may be all wrong. But, it is still fun to guess. LOL
    They are cool!

    1. @Andrew I can´t recognize much of them as well. Well they look realistic because they are actually real photos from flowers only cropped for convenience 🙂

  2. I can’t recognized some of these flowers. LOL But, the design is absolutely great. They really looks so realistic with their individual angles. Thanks for sharing!

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