Free Complete Breakfast Vector

It is 10:07 in the morning and I haven’t had breakfast. OMG I am starving!, you know how hard is to publish a vector breakfast illustration this way?

Slurp I just can imagine the crunchy taste of the bacon inside the yolk and all that spread on a delicious toast mmm and then a fresh glass of orange juice. God I need to get something to eat.
Meanwhile here you have this complete breakfast vector illustration a friend of mine send me to share with you guys. Here are some words from him and his profile.

“Breakfast is most important meal in the day. Unless you take a big chop last night. what is exactly what happened in this case. A lovely client misslead the copy and ask for this piece and later in higher instances was rejected and replaced with a 4×4 truck, I expect you enjoy it and use it free for ever.”


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Right handed creative, 33Y-M, fully passionate about illustration. More than 15 since Corel3 to Illustrator CS4. Love mascots, logos, icons, cliparts, cartography, infographs and web planning; from concept to realization. Web Interface css-enabled desinger and PowerPoint Tutor, plus photography and some digital photo makeUp & retouch.

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11 thoughts on “Free Complete Breakfast Vector”

  1. Coffee or juice for breakfast? I’ll definitely go for juice! Then toasted bread dipped to the runny egg yolk. Wow! A perfect breakfast to start our day.
    Thanks for sharing! The breakfast vector is absolutely perfect.

  2. Hi, nice to heard about you guys… thanks a lot for you precious feedback, i am so glad because the art now is carrying a pretty serious message: Take a good breakfast: the best meal of your day… Anthony nice taste… enjoy!

  3. This breakfast vector is just our favorite starter meal for the day. Coffee for breakfast is very effective drink to keep your mind alert. Looking forward for more meal vector! 🙂

    1. @SJL Say thanks to hour big head friend carlos (indeed he has a great big head lol) Glad you like it mate 🙂

  4. I don’t how I could have missed these. Great collection of vectors and food is always a fun subject even though seeing food makes me feel hungry. Thanks for sharing these.

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