6 Free Vector Dessert Cliparts

Our friend Carlos strikes back with some more yummy vectors ( I don´t know whats he has with the food). Now the turn is for delicious desserts, yes I know, maybe cappuccino and a sandwich are not desserts like so, but hey you have to eat something to have your dessert afterwards right?

Well here they are 6 free vector dessert clipart.
And the menu is:

  • Sandwich
  • Cappuccino
  • Sundae
  • Brownie and icecream
  • Banana split
  • Milkshake

Some words from carlos the author:

Hi, this week a friend ask me for help with some kind of banner for a little restaurant. Here are six of my favorites meals in the menu, they are very recommended for those who take a break for extra energy and the pleasure of taste bit per bit.

About the time you read this, I already get payed,maybe I pick the sandwich.What do you like for your break today ?



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About the author:
Carlos Carvajalino: Right handed creative, 33Y-M, fully passionate about illustration. More than 15 since Corel3 to Illustrator CS4. Love mascots, logos, icons, cliparts, cartography, infographs and web planning; from concept to realization. Web Interface css-enabled desinger and PowerPoint Tutor, plus photography and some digital photo makeUp & retouch.

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20 thoughts on “6 Free Vector Dessert Cliparts”

  1. Great set of dessert vectors and they definitely look good enough to eat. Shame they aren’t real…I really fancy some ice cream right now.
    Thanks for sharing, hope to see more like these.

  2. Fantastic food icons, that Brownie looks yummy.
    Plus not as many calories as Tipex!
    Thanks for another excellent free download, can I use these on a clients website?

    1. @Rory Thanks. Sure thats the best way to enjoy a brownie w/o the calories ;). Sure you can use it for personal and commercial projects as long as you keep attribution.

  3. This site will help me improve my photoshop and graphic skills.I usually outsource these tasks.I am rather new to editing vectors in photoshop.

  4. Hi Carlos,
    You are a real genius of your art. Can we employ you for some projects – please email me if you are interested in some fun work.

  5. Cool clip arts. The banana split and ice cream look so good. If you are looking to obtain clip arts or logo templates, there are many ways to do so. I recently got some professional logo templates from http://www.templatedesignworkshop.com and the logo design looked amazing. Plus they have an extensive clip art gallery as well. Anyway, thanks for the sugar-laden clip arts. Those will go nicely into my collection.

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