Dark Provocators

Last provocators were white themed. And as Rodrigo Cesár commented, they were peace versus power. Now it`s the other side.. Darkness

Provocators in White

With this post, I’ll be starting a series of frequent (hopefully daily) posts. The idea is to provoke/inspire us.”provocation” To make it short, I will tag as “provocation” stimuli not directly related to graphic design: architecture, industrial design, photography, textile, etc. And as inspiration, more graphic design related items: movie posters, album art, logos, magazine …

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Hunting inspiration? What about provocation?

Inspiration Inspiration INSPIRATION! It can be elusive, sometimes mean and many times just blocked! And you start to wonder: where are those infamous muses? And you spend hours trying to catch them, watching with puppy eyes other guy’s work. And then two feelings fill your heart: despair and the can’t-keep-your-mouth-closed (or jaw dropped) feeling. The …

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