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5 Logo Design Tips

The following logo design tips are not in any methodical order as all 5 tips should be considered simultaneously from the start of a project to the end. The 5 tips below are only a suggestion for an effective approach towards logo design projects. There is not really a right or wrong way to design …

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Free Personal Web Server. Host Your Site Yourself

When I hear terms like: “Apache” or “SQL” All I can think of is: “ouch, not again, I haven’t trained in that yet”. I don’t immediately understand  developers’ jokes either. For instance, jokes like “there is no place like” ( stands for localhost–your ‘home’), I have to Google it first.

How To Do a Vexel Pop Art Photophop

Roy Lichtenstein has inspired many artists till nowadays, with his beautiful paintings simulating the comic style, marked by the presence of primary colors and reticulated aspect. Now we are going to digitally recreate this style in a newer vision using the vexelling technique in Photoshop.